Cleaning and Restoration

I also offer full cleaning and restoration services for your piano.  No matter if you desire a light cleaning or a full overhaul, I can make your piano look like new again!  Here are some of my before and after pictures. 

Regulation and Repair

Regulation is the process whereby the components of the piano are made ‘regular’ again, or set back to original factory specs. Generally speaking, regulation isn’t noticed until something ‘doesn’t feel right’ when the piano is played. Since pianos have thousands of action parts, regulation should be examined once a year.  If your piano is not playing as it should, I will be glad to assess the regulation.  In many instances, a full regulation is not required to get your piano back to an acceptable performance range. 

Repair is fixing action parts that aren’t working properly or have broken.  Many times, seasonal changes will cause wood to either swell or shrink, which will in turn cause action parts to ‘freeze up’ or crack.  As a seasoned piano technician, I can repair all action parts to make them function properly.